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Build Scalable Solutions to support 20K requests/second



How we scaled India’s Largest Stock Broking App to 10 Million Users


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About the Client

The client is an online stock trading platform that is a trustworthy stockbroker and one of the best trading apps in India, helping millions of Indians do better with their wealth.

When the pandemic hit, the demand for trading services increased significantly, causing a massive spike in traffic for the client. The client also discovered the need to centralize the data from various sources and to ensure the security of the personal data of users. Login page secure and Grafana set up for node services React developers

Understanding the Challenge

How did SynoXperts solve it?

  • SynoXperts helped the client to develop new services like profile service, news service, and data pipeline that resulted in the acquisition of 10M+ users

  • SynoXperts team was able to migrate many old services to new ones like Login Service, Onboarding Service, and Request Portal for Consumers which played a vital role in cost optimization of the overall organization.

  • Automated all their systems through Load Testing and Automated Testing

  • SynoXperts successfully created centralized data lakes that ensured high-security standards for the Personal Data of Users

  • We ensured 50% cost optimization by revamping the old report service.

  • Contributed to architecture and set up good code processes across tribes.

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  • SynoXperts provided the best of its developers to 6 different teams for 30+ Projects.

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With SynoXperts, achieve success in your product development journey

More than 100+ clients, including unicorn startups, and forward-thinking product companies, have put their faith in our ability to develop beautiful digital solutions

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