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How do we build a social media platform for investors?

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About the Client

Social platform for knowledge-backed investing. Knowledge centers where one can read hand-picked articles, follow other investors, engage in group discussions, and invest in curated options.

  • SynoXperts successfully developed an investing app that would serve investors on a single platform. The platform is provided with a detailed  leaderboard that shows user ranking according to their portfolio performance

  • We designed a mobile app that enhanced the user experience and gained more traction by keeping up with the latest design patterns.

  • SynoXperts also helped in setting up groups with friends and enabled the feature of liking, commenting option on the articles and feeds, inviting friends, showing all the authors, and could also check the followers and following list.

  • SynoXperts also contributed to their team with the documentation section.

Understanding the Challenge

How did SynoXperts solve it?

  • We created a massive influence on the platform's effectiveness by providing continuous feedback and suggestions

  • SynoXperts team developed an effective and solid project strategy that helped everyone to complete their project within the permitted time frame.

  • SynoXperts helped the client to build their investor application from scratch and the Client was very appreciative of how well we kept the remote interaction running smoothly.

  • SynoXperts team followed the SDLC (Software development lifecycle) execution from planning to deploying with ongoing maintenance that created and managed applications efficiently.

  • SynoXperts successfully delivered the mobile application within the planned timeframe and fixed-price budget. The app received positive user feedback and created a comprehensive experience of using the application

Technology we Used

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