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Land Records

Digitizing the land record system for Government

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About the Client

The Settlement and Revenue Department of the Government of Rajasthan under the initiative Digital India Land Record Modernization Programme (DILRMP) aimed to digitize the access to land records throughout the state by using a mobile application

  • The major challenge was to create a revolutionary mobile app that would transform the way a farmer gets the Record of Rights (RoR or Jamabandi) by visiting the Patwari (Revenue Officer) in his village.

  • The government also envisaged the filing of mutations online. Other important services were also included such as showing the nearest E-Mitra centers, and the contact information.

  • They required a system that generates reports showing the exact bifurcation of crops cultivated, usage of the land, and the total count of farmers affected by rain and droughts  which can ensure a high percentage of precision and fast processing

  • Another biggest challenge was to conceptualize an easy user experience for the mobile application that can be easily understood and would require no training to a farmer.

Understanding the Challenge

How did SynoXperts solve it?

  • SynoXperts team built the entire solution including design architecture and development of all the systems that reduced the operational time to 80% in getting official documents, collection of data, and creation of reports

  •  We also introduced the maker checker methodology in the App to fast-track the various processes that were completely offline.

  • We followed our custom agile framework during mobile application development. The framework allowed us to rapidly test out multiple iterations with the closed user group consisting of 30 people including farmers and revenue officials.

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  • We created Mobile Apps for users which can work in offline mode and sync with the server whenever it gets online

  • SynoXperts teams also built a powerful dashboard for the top officials that helped in real-time tracking and digitized the old printed maps using GPS technologies.

  • SynoXperts team successfully developed the mobile application named Dharaa App and provided the integrations with various existing systems including Apna Khata (NIC), E-Dharti, SRSAC (for cadastral maps), and E-Mitra.

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